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Do you remember your first bike?

Maybe it was a 10 speed you hauled out of your parent’s garage and were determined to fix up. Perhaps it was a purple banana-seat cruiser with all the bells and whistles you can imagine fashioned onto it.

Do you remember the feeling?

The first time you could ride without wobbling side to side, the wind blowing through your hair, freedom: just wanting to keep going and going, faster and faster…

Do you remember who taught you to ride?

A parent chasing after you trying to steady the back end; an older brother doing loops around you showing you just how easy it is; a neighbor at the end of the street.


Through Open Roads, you can make sure EVERY kid has this experience. Whether you have fantastic bike mechanic skills to share, enjoy interacting with kids to help them develop their social skills, or have a bike to pass on to the next generation, there is a place for you at Open Roads.



Our mission is to teach young people valuable social and bike mechanic skills in order to better prepare them for their future.


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